1. 30 Great Tips to Take Care of Men`s Leather Strap Watches in 2018

    30 Great Tips to Take Care of Men`s Leather Strap Watches in 2018

    Watches complete your wardrobe, and they keep people prompt. Purchasing the right watch can completely transform your life as well as your outfit by adding elegance, style, and class to it. Leather strap watches usually match with almost every outfit and keep you looking stylish. Keeping your band clean and fit will ensure that it seems excellent and presentable. Purchasing a high-quality mens leather strap watches from a prestigious brand means a significant investment to many people.

    With a valuable watch, most collectors will want to take extraordinary measures to take care of their band. Moisture, dirt, shocks, and many other things are considered the most significant enemies of leather watch straps, and though the current technology has produced watches that are more shock proof and water resistant, you ought to take extra care for your watch. Below are tips to help you maintain your leather strap watch.

    Tips to Maintain a Leather Strap Watch

    If you care for your leather strap watch carefully, it is likely to last longer and maintain its value. Watches that are made of leather straps ought to be kept well to ensure that they do not wear out faster. It does not matter whether the watch is made of rubber, plastic, or metal, it can wear out much after if you do not give it special care. Among the significant steps you can take to ensure that your watch lasts long include:

    1. Clean it regularly

    Cleaning your clock is the best practice you can do to your watch to maintain it. Your leather watch strap is usually in close contact with your body more than the other clothes that you wear and as a result, you ought to clean it attentively. It is recommended that you wash your watch at least more than six times a year to maintain it. Besides, you can also use baking soda together with water to remove stubborn stains from it.

    You should never clean your watch directly with water, but you can dab a little soap on a piece of cloth and then gently rub it on your leather straps to remove dust, stains, and perspiration. To make it cleaner, you should rinse the fabric with clean water and wind up on cleaning your watch.

    Take Care of Men`s Leather Strap Watches

    2. Take it off

    It is essential to take your watch off, especially when you are going to bed. By doing so, you give it a chance to breathe and avoid accumulating moisture, which is a great enemy for leather made wears. Besides, you should also take off your watch whenever you take a bath to prevent it from soaking with water, which could easily damage it and reduce its lifespan.

    3. Don’t keep it too tight

    It is crucial not to wear your watch tightly on your wrist because whenever you stretch your arm, it falls high chances of stretching and loosening up. Besides, when your watch spreads excessively, it is exposed to wear and tear, and as a result, it gets worn out quickly, and as a result, it does not serve you a more extended period than you expected. It is also wise to wear your watch loosely to ensure a good blood circulation in your system.

    4. Avoid wrenching it in sharp angles

    You should take extra care while reattaching and removing your watch as they it will tear and wear quickly. Whenever you have to remove your watch, always ensure that you do it cautiously to avoid it from incurring damages from other objects.

    5. Change the Leather strap often

    You should be keen to change your leather straps often to ensure that they serve you a more extended period. When you have extra straps to use, you can successfully turn them in case you wash your other pair.

    6. Keep it away from Humidity

    Humidity is a great enemies of things made of leather, and as a result, you must try your best not to expose it too humid areas. Due to the natural nature of leather materials, humidity is fond of destroying its crucial element. You can thus change your leather straps, and avoid wearing them during summer times, as they are prone to dust and dirt.

    7. Nourish it

    You should shower your unique straps with lots of moist and clean up as it softens it and gives it its clean and soft nature. Besides, when you hydrate your watch straps, they are likely not to dry up as well as crack quickly due to heat or dryness. Moist is also great for your leather straps as it makes them last longer and looks beautiful.

    8. Keep the straps away from direct sun rays

    Ultraviolet rays are a great enemy for your leather straps and as they tend to dry them up as well as make them crackle. Besides, you should also avoid putting your watch in a radiator, especially when you clean it as it tends to dry it up, hence destroying it.

    9. Invest in a leather conditioner for your watch

    Just like your body, your leather straps require special care. Hence you ought to choose the best conditioner for it to ensure that it does not dry up quickly, which in turn would make it crack and tear easily.

    10. Keep it dry

    Though some high-quality watches are designed to work under all conditions, some are not made well, and as a result, it is important not to go swimming, or in the shower with the watch.

    Take Care of Men`s Leather Strap Watches

    11. Polish it

    Just as your shoes require polishing, your leather strap also needs special care for it to last long. You should, therefore, polish it with a soft brush and neutral color for it to regain a stunning look. Besides, you can as well as apply bee wax orany other related wax for it to gain a great look.

    12. Keep your watch wound

    Lubricate your watch and wind it up to ensure that it remains moist and that it does not dry up quickly.

    13. Use your warranty well

    Ensure that you used your warranty wisely and contacted the manufacturer whenever you notice problems with your watch as they can guide you on the issues it has.

    14. Wipe them down daily

    In case you want to prolong the life of your leather strapped watch, ensure that you wipe it off dust and other dirt on daily basis.

    15. Repair if faster when damaged

    Whenever your watch gets damaged or shows any signs of tearing off or even breaking down, always ensure that you get immediate help on how to repair it.

    16. Don’t test your watch limits

    Do not try to risk the life of your watch by either dipping it in a freezer or even trying other unnecessary things on it.

    17. Be careful where you wind your watch

    You should be careful where you wind your watch and always ensure that you don’t do it in a bathroom, streets, or other risky places.

    18. Determine the kind of leather your watch is made of

    By knowing what kind of leather your watch is made of, you get to know the right ways to handle it as well as the type of conditioners to use on it. Soft and smooth leather will defiantly be destroyed by hard brush scrubbers as well as soap.

    19. Never open your watch on your own

    Leave this task to the watchmaker as you are likely to permanently destroy the watch if you open it. Opening it will also expose it to dirt, dust and many other things that may also make its straps damage faster, especially if you don’t clean them.

    20. Read your watch Manual

    The manuals offer you tips to take care of your watch, and every watch requires its special treatment, hence you get to acquire the tips from the manual.

    Take Care of Men`s Leather Strap Watches

    21. Avoid Contact with Chemicals

    When your leather straps come in contact with bad chemicals, they may get damaged and finally tear. When Perfume comes into contact with the bands, they get damaged and tear faster.

    22. Store them in your watch box

    Whenever you are not wearing your watch, it crucial to store it in your watch box as it prevents the leather straps from getting scratched or damaged.

    23. Service them

    Get you’re watched checked after every now and then to ensure that the straps and the entire watch is in a good condition.

    24. be gentle with the strap

    Avoid handling your straps carelessly or exposing them to objects that might scratch or cause damage to them.

    25. Avoid exposure to skin care products

    Do not let your leather strap get into contact with ski care products as well as other products that may interfere with its natural elements. Doing so can interfere with its elements and lower its quality.

    26. avoid leather straps from coming into contact with sweat

    Sweat is one of the greatest enemies of leather as it may make it wet or alter the natural occurrence of the leather.

    27. Keep it two feet from radiators or heat sources

    Heat from radiators can either burn the leather straps or even cause it loose its value and also acquire a bad look.

    28. Avoid air pollution

    Air Pollution and exposure of your leather straps to cigarette smoke and other unwanted fumes makes your leather straps fade their color to gain an unwanted and bad looking one, which makes it bad for the eye. Besides, fumes also reduce the quality of your watch.

    29. Avoid contact with strong detergents

    Applying or soaking your straps on strong detergents reduces their quality and weakens their natural element, which in turn deteriorates its life span.

    30. Do not wash or soak fabric lining

    Some skins like pony must be handled with special care due to their untreated nature. If you wash them, they are likely to transfer some color to your clothes or any other pieces that you use to clean them, hence altering their appearance.


    Leather straps in watches ought to be maintained well as it is the only way they can last long and give you service. As long as you emulate these tips, your watch leather straps can stay in excellent condition and save you the cost of purchasing new ones.

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  2. 5 step guide for buying cheap watches for men

    5 step guide for buying cheap watches for men

    A watch can increase the charm of your personality. Most of the men do not think twice before picking any watch. The truth is when you’re even buying cheap watches for men, it is important to choose among the different options and find the one which enhances your personality. This would help you in enhancing your wardrobe.

    Many men are of the opinion that just because, they are going for cheap watches for men, they would not be able to get a lot of options. The truth is that there are plenty of cheap watches free shipping which ensures that you would not have to worry about paying extra shipping as well.
    We would today share with you a simple guide which would help you in picking up cool cheap watches.

    1. Type of usage:

    Before you head on your quest to pick cheap watches for men, the 1st thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to do your homework. You have to look at the way in which you would be using the watch. The watch which you would be using on a regular basis should be different in style as well as form from the watch which you are choosing for events. This is one of the main reasons why you have to 1st decide about the type of usage.

    Once you are clear about the type of usage, you would have at least some idea regarding whether you should choose a complete formal one or whether you should choose a semi-formal one.
    cheap watches for men

    2. Budget:
    Secondly, you have to shortlist the budget for your watch. When you’re shopping for men's cheap watches online, you would be able to easily sort out the watches according to your budget. Thus, you need to have a figure in mind, to begin with. This would help you in shortening the list of available options. This would also save you a lot of time as you would be able to only browse through the watches which match your budget.
    Pro tip:

    If you’re not sure about the budget, you have to just browse through some of the watch options online and you would be able to get a good idea.
    3. Going through the e-commerce websites:
    If you’re looking to get the best deals on men's watches, it is always important for you to shop online. The advantages of shopping online are plenty like:

    • Affordability
    • Getting the latest options
    • Doorstep delivery

    • Easy to filter the options according to your requirement

    Owing to all of these reasons, you have to always opt for shopping online. One more thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to look at the shipping charges as well.

    Based on all of these advantages, you have to select the e-commerce store for buying watches online. In case, you’re not sure about the various e-commerce store options, you have to check the reviews and look at the shipping charges and conduct the price comparison on these websites. With the help of these 3 tips, you would surely be able to choose the best e-commerce store for buying the men’s watch.
    cheap watches for men

    4. Shortlisting the models:

    Once you have selected the right e-commerce store, now is the time to filter the watch options according to your need. Most of the e-commerce stores allow you to filter the watch options on the basis of:

    • Construction of dial
    • Material of strap
    • Budget
    • Popularity
    Thus, you would be able to exactly shortlist the options which you want. You can add your preferences and set proper criteria for browsing through the watch options which would help you in picking up the right one. This would help you in shortening the list of worthy watch models and thus help you save time.

    5. Checking the specifications of the watch:

    Once you have shortlisted a few watch models depending on their looks, now is the time to check the specifications. Some of the specifications which you should check are:

    • Type of dial
    • Working of the watch
    • Length of the strap

    • Additional features

    Once you are able to check the specifications of the watch, you would be able to easily pick the best option for you.
    Thus, when you’re looking to buy men's cheap watches, instead of looking to pick one from the 1st few options which you come across, it is a much better idea to follow this 5 step guide to select the perfect watch. With the help of this guide, you would be able to get the watch which would complement your personality and suit your need.

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  3. Best Watches for Women On Sale in 2018

    Best Watches for Women On Sale in 2018

    As the world changes around the clock, tendencies do as well. Watches that have long been the best men’s accessory for it being too technical and complicated for women to own, are nowadays invading women’s collection of accessories. Whether they desire to wear a timepiece for an elegant look, help them work out or want it to be part of their busy schedules, watchmakers made plenty of choices to choose from and here are the best watches for sale this 2018.

    The business and office women’s watches: As women love to demark themselves and put up with all the struggles they face at work making their way through all the hardships of the day, watchmakers created suitable and affordable masterpieces to represent them. A big to a medium face to help the use of the watch without having to look intently into it because they know how of a busy woman you are. Some of them come with standard numbers in their dials to tell the hours, others use a more elegant touch and put on a more feminine touch to it by adding glittering stones or you can have other neutral options in order to highlight your professionalism. The straps are usually made of leather adding a more feminine touch to that authoritative and leadership personality but most brands choose to come up with a wide range of colors helping you to match the watch to your mood or clothes.

    The cool women watch: the other category of watches for women on sale this year are these watches, which are very similar to men’s watches. The colors used from stylish a silver to an elegant white and metallic or leather strap. The bright and big watch glass is also extremely resistant to the scratch. Most of them are waterproof and solid as their users are usually strong and maybe a little tomboyish woman who know what they do and what they want from life.

    Best Watches for Women On Sale

    The sports women watch: these watches for woman are on sale and they are very popular among women who like to take care of their overall fitness or those who are professional sportswomen. They are similar to sportsman watches and vary a little in in the colors. The features they come with are numerous such as the wide range of waterproof abilities and ability to measure the exact time spent on a training to more trivial features that specific brands add to their products in order to demark themselves. They are usually made of stainless steel or plastic thus they are resistant and can survive different external shocks.

    The old-school women watch: sometimes all you need is a watch that functions well and looks good with whatever you wear from work to leisure moments. These kinds of watches are solid and come as the ultimate accessory to use every day and anytime. They usually have smaller faces making them discreet and only appear to tell you the time; however, some of them come with beautiful designs making them agreeable to the look. Either their straps are made of leather or plastic making them more affordable what makes them appeal to the majority of the working class woman.

    Best Watches for Women On Sale

    The girly and glamorous women watch: sweet and appealing designs are also on sale this year for cute and very feminine woman. These watches reflect the ever-girly women in you. They come with a wide range of colors featuring the pink, yellow, green, and blue, they are usually sparkly or come with luminescent materials for a more appealing features. Their faces come with a very wide range of shapes for from the usual round or square face, indeed they may be heart, diamond shaped or take very original shapes helping you match the watch to you special outfit preference. The straps, just like the faces, come in a very wide range of shapes and it is very common to find them with accompanying accessories accentuating the creativity they put into your look and reflect your inner originality, dynamic and freedom.

    The best watches for women are on sale and this year has the wider range of choices ever so hurry and get the watch that best matches your personality and qualities.

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  4. How to pick Best Mens Fashion Watches to Buy for Yourself 2018

    How to pick Best Mens Fashion Watches to Buy for Yourself 2018
    The number of options when it comes to buying mens fashion watches are plenty. The problem is that only a few of those options are worth buying. The rest need to be shown the chopping block for their atrocious mix of style as well as functions. In order to help you avoid such atrocious choices, we have today compiled a guide which would help you in picking the right mens fashion watches.
    We would share with you some of the factors which you have to always keep in mind when it comes to choosing mens watches under 150.
    1. Style of the watch:
    Since we are speaking about mens fashion watches, it is important to look at the style of the watch. You have to ideally choose the watch according to the type of clothes which you usually wear. If you normally opt for formal wear which is specifically tailored for you, the sophisticated chronograph is one of the best options for you.
    On the other hand, if you normally opt for denim as well as a biker jacket, the rugged metal dial watches are the perfect option for you.
    Similarly, if you like to wear a lot of gold and silver accessories, a gold or silver strap watch is the perfect option for you.
    Thus, the 1st and foremost thing which you have to look into when it comes to buying a watch is your own style. When you are able to choose a watch according to your style not only it would look fashionable on you but also you would be able to carry it pretty well and it would complement your personality.
    mens watches
    2. Band of the watch:
    Even when you are able to choose the style of the watch, there are quite a few watch models which would provide you with various options when it comes to the band of the watch. Roughly put, you can divide the bands into 2 types. One is the leather-based bands and the other are the metal bands. The leather-based bands can again be divided into the normal leather band, alligator leather belt, as well as crocodile band. Similarly, when it comes to metal bands you can choose between silver, gold, stainless steel and even platinum.
    3. Dial of the watch:
    The dial of the watch needs to be chosen according to your personality. If you’re having a heavier physique, it would be a good choice for you to go for the bulkier dial. On the other hand, if you’re having an average build, the standard dial would be good enough for you. Similarly, the width of the belt would change according to the size of the dial as well.
    4. Type of working:
    These days, the working of the watch can be of 2 different types namely:
    • Analog
    • Digital
    An analog watch has the second's hand, minute’s hand, and hour’s hand. Normally, on the edges of the dial, there are normal numerals in order to indicate the time. The analog watch mostly runs on the quartz crystal which provides it immense accuracy.
    The digital watch on the other hand normally has a LED display and the numbers are displayed numerically. The digital watch can also be easily integrated with your smartphone which would help you accomplish various other functions like setting alarms as well. If you’re having a sporty personality or if you’re the one who indulges in outdoor sports, the digital watch is a much better option for you. Otherwise, an analog watch is good enough.
    mens fashion watches
    5. Case of the watch:
    The case of the watch normally refers to the structure of the watch. The analog watches are usually made from one of the metals like gold, silver, steel, platinum. Also, depending on the design, some of the jewels or other stones can be entrenched into the watch. On the other hand, most of the digital watches come with the leather strap. Thus, you have to look at the structure of the watch as well.
    Watch combination guide:
    Additionally, you have to look at the combination of the watch with your attire when you’re picking the watch to wear on a particular day. A gold watch is a good enough option if you’re going for the darker colors like brown, warm grey, green. On the other hand, the silver watch is ideal for evenings as well as night and goes with formal as well as in formal attire.
    On the other hand, when you’re looking at leather belt watches, they are the perfect option for you when it comes to boardroom meetings or client meetings.
    Thus, if you are confused about watches for men on sale, it is important to go by this guide and choose the watch accordingly. The right choice can easily add to your personality and can enhance your personality. This is the reason why you should take some time and compare the watches based on these factors and thereafter choose the best among mens fashion watches.
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  5. A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Best Cheap Women's Watches in 2018

    A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Best Cheap Women's Watches in 2018

    A good stylish watch is a must-have for any modern woman. However, you do not have to shell out thousands of dollars on this wardrobe staple. There are quite a number of watches for women on sale that you can get at a reasonably affordable price. And while the vast selection of watches available can make it difficult to choose the best, you can simplify the process by arming yourself with information. Speaking of information, here is an informed guide on how to choose the best watch from the wide array of watches available 


    When sampling through an online catalog of women’s watches for sale, the number one factor to consider is the purpose. Today watches are not just for telling time but are also fashion accessories that can complement your look. Different watches come in different designs and with straps of different colors. Watches with floral designs are more suited for social gatherings than formal ones, while sleek metallic watches appear more formal. Nevertheless, if you want to save on money while being able to wear your watch to virtually any occasion, invest in interchangeable watches. The latter watches allow you to change the bands to suit the occasion. In this regard, you get a wide selection of watches for the price of one.

    The face

    The most recognizable part of a watch is the front where the dials are. The face of the watch you intend to buy should correspond to the size of your wrist. While women’s watches have smaller fronts that their men’s counterpart, there are some that have are large. If you have a large wrist joint consider going for a watch with a large face e.g. a boyfriend watch. Boyfriend watches are big, chunky and trendy.

    The straps

    Another recognizable part of a watch is the strap. The color of the straps, in particular, will influence your decision. The color of the strap should correspond with your skin tone. If the color does not match the watch will appear out of place. Also, the color of the straps should match your outfit. This is where watches with interchangeable straps come in handy. These watches allow you to match your watch to different outfits. Watches with a chrome steel strap are a sure bet as they match with virtually every skin tone and outfit. If you are feeling more creative you can for a watch with animal print straps.

    Water resistant

    Unless you engage in water sports while wearing your watch, water resistance is not that big of a deal. However, since you are interested in a quality watch regardless of price, it does not hurt to consider a water-resistant watch. Some watches can survive the occasional downpour or accidental falling into the water while others cannot. It is recommended to invest in a watch whose functionality will not be hindered by a little downpour. 

    watches for women on sale


    Watches come in a wide variety of designs. Ideally, the design of your watch ought to match your outfit and other accessories. For regular watch wearers, a two-tone watch is an ideal option. These types of watches feature a combination of warm and cool metallic tones. In this regard, they can be worn with any outfit. Also, you can wear a two-tone watch to the office or even to the gym. Therefore, it is wise to go for a watch with a versatile design. This will not only save you money but also give you a fashionable timepiece for everyday wear. Bracelet watches are also versatile thanks to their bracelet like straps. With these watches, you do not need to choose between wearing a watch and a bracelet. These watches are functional and stylish and you can choose from a wide array of styles from polished bangles to dangling charms.

    purchasing the Best Cheap Women's Watches


    The best watches for women on sale online do not always cost thousands of dollars. As such, you can buy a stylish watch at a reasonable price. By following the pointers explained above, you will be able to settle on a watch that meets your needs. When buying a watch remember its importance in your life. As stated above a good watch is not just for telling time. This means that the watch you buy ought to be functional, stylish and fashionable. 

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  6. How to choose the best mens leather strap watches - Shopping Tips

    How to choose the best mens leather strap watches - Shopping Tips

    A watch is a symbol of elegance and pride for any man. It is the announcement that you have finally attained the manhood and feel confident enough to accept this fact. The watch for a man is much more than just a tool to measure time. With such social pride attached to it, it is necessary to choose the right watch.

    The sheer number of options which are available can confuse any man who is looking for a watch. The classifications, as well as genre alone, are plenty.

    We would make the task of choosing the right mens leather strap watches easier for you by sharing with you a few factors which you should look into.

    1. Type of watch:

    The timepiece which you choose should fit your style as well as personality. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right genre of the watch, we would share with you the 5 different genres of mens leather strap watches.

    • Dress watches:

    Dress watches are pretty simple in nature. They mostly consist of roman numerals. They go well with each and every type of occasion. Also, they mostly have a metallic dial.

    • Aviator watches:

    Aviator watches are generally luminous watches which can provide you with a lot of information and have added features as well like timers. They also consist of multiple dials.

    • Minimalistic watches:

    Minimalistic watches as the name itself suggests, is for people who love subtle watches. Also, minimalistic watches are much more affordable as well.

    Thus, when you’re looking for mens leather watches under 100 you have to look at these 3 genres of watches to shortlist the best options.

    2. Size:

    In most of the watch models, the size of the dial is approximately 20 MM greater than the width of the strap. Therefore, when choosing the leather strap watch, it is a better idea to look into the width of the strap. There are 3 different sizes to look into and these are:

    • Regular length: These straps have a length of 75 MM. These are good enough for wrists measuring 6.5 to 7.5 inches.

    • Short length: These straps have a length of 70 MM. These are good for wrists measuring 5.75 to 6.75 inches.

    • Long length: These straps have a length of 80 MM. These are good for wrists measuring 7.25 to 8.25 inches.

    While going through the size options, you do not just have to look into the diameter of the dial but also the length of the strap.

    mens leather strap watches

    3. Straps:

    When it comes to the leather straps, the leather can be of plenty of different types. Some of the type of leather from which the straps are made include:

    • Fabric leather

    • Emu leather

    • Eel leather

    • Synthetic leather

    In addition to these, straps also are made from leather derived from various other animals but these require great care. The type of leather used in the construction of the straps would decide the texture as well as the look of the straps. Owing to this very fact, you have to look into the details of leather used in the straps and thereafter take a call about the type of watch which you want to choose.

    4. Accuracy:

    While looking for cheap leather watches, you would come across the watches which use the quartz crystal in order to display the time as well as the watches which are automatic in nature. Quartz are much more accurate as compared to automatic watches. However, should you choose the automatic watches, they would only induce an error of a few seconds over a period of one year. This ensures that more or less, you would be able to get accurate time without any issues. It is up to you to decide whether you want to go for the automatic one or the ones which are powered by quartz. If you’re looking for precision, the watches which are powered by the quartz crystal are the perfect option for you.

    5. Features:

    When looking for a watch, it is important to look into the features as well. Some of the features which you should look for include:

    • Chronograph

    • Water resistant

    • 2nd dial

    Even in affordable watches like leather double wrap watches, you can find these features. Thus, when you’re shortlisting the watch options you have to also look at the additional features.

    So, the next time around you’re looking for mens leather strap watches, it is important to choose the watches by taking into account the 5 factors which we have mentioned above.

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