Time is the most precious commodity on earth, there is so much one can do with its time wasted can never be recovered, were words my late grandmother said to me when she gifted me my first wrist watch.

It was not as spectacular and as cool as the ones available in the market today, but I sure did love it.

It broke my heart when I had to part with it, but it sure did teach me the importance of keeping time and time management.

There are so many cool watches that young people can wear today without feeling odd or like they have been forced to grow up.

Unfortunately, with the onset of technology, not many young people are willing to adorn watches.

They find it uncool and they would rather check the time on their smart phones.

However watches are very essential gadgets that every young person should have. Let us find out why.

12 reasons why young people need cool watches

1. Convenience

Unlike smartphones, watches keep you punctual.

A watch is the most convenient way to read time.

Most young people think that they do not need a watch because they own a smartphone.

But that is where they go wrong.

First of all, fishing a phone from your pocket every time you need to check the time looks desperate and some people mistake you for being rude.

For example, if you were in a wedding, meeting or funeral and you took out your phone, people would assume that you were doing other things on it even if you were innocently checking the time.

Secondly, it is cumbersome to keep drawing your phone from your pocket as compared to taking a quick glance on your wrist. It is classier, in other words.

2. They are functional time pieces (autonomous)

Watches are wonderworking gadgets.

Some are designed to be self- powered through their constant movement, while others run on a small long lasting battery.

They give you years of service without you having to maintain it.

They save you the hassle of charging or updating its system as opposed to smartphones.

They also do not go off, they are always in operation unless the battery runs out.

This is one major reason you should get yourself a cool watch.

3. Watches are multi-functional 

Most cool watches are designed to display the date and time.

Some even have the stop watch (chronograph) function as well.

This enables you time yourself while doing various tasks.

You also need not keep asking the date from the person seated beside you or referring to your calendar or smart phone.

cool watches

4. Provide less distraction

When you wear a watch, it is likely that you will not get distracted by your phone.

Most times, an innocent glance meant to check the time on our phones results in an hour of wasted time surfing the internet.

With a watch, all you will do is take glance and carry on with other important activities.

5. They signal style 

Cool watches are not just meant to be adorned for purposes of reading date and time only.

They also signify class and style. They are a form of self-expression and a lot about your personality can be told from just wearing a watch.

Besides that, it also serves as a fashion accessory, which compliments all your outfits. That is why you should get one that is quite versatile.

6. They make you more time conscious 

Wearing a watch helps you create a relationship with time. It serves to remind you that the time that you have is limited.

Young people who have embraced wearing watches can attest to the fact that wearing a watch has enabled them develop a positive attitude towards time.

They have also appreciated that time needs not be wasted doing unconstructive things.

In a nutshell, wearing a watch implies punctuality, while at the same time make you a better time planner.

7. They can be worn during sporting activities 

Most watches are designed in such a way as to remain strapped on our wrists irrespective of what we might be doing.

They can be worn during swimming and other rigorous sporting activities without requiring you to take them off.

This makes it possible for you to keep track of your time so that you do not end up spending lots of time on sports, yet you have other important obligations to do.

8. Are allowed everywhere.

Unlike smartphones and other electric gadgets, watches are allowed everywhere.

They are the only gadgets that accepted, when it comes to measuring the passage of time. It is easy to enter an examination room with a wrist watch as compared to a smartphone. 

cool watches

9. They also tell direction

Whenever you set out camping, a compass is requisite.

Some watches however, provide for this function, hence you need not carry a compass or even download the direction app on your phone. How convenient!

10. They act as conversation starters 

That girl that you like, why not go as her the time and see how that opens a conversation.

And in no time, you will be taking her on a date or to prom.

This does not only apply to members of the opposite sex, you may also strike a conversation with a person on the bus or a coffee shop just by asking the time or having them as you the time.

And who knows you might have a conversation which will result in them offering you a job or referring you to someone who will.

11. Watches make you look like you are conscious of how you dress

If no one ever told you, I will tell you now. Wearing a watch makes you look like you put an effort in dressing.

And we all know that people tend to be more interested in well- dressed people. Complete your look with a wrist watch and see how that goes.

12. Ideal if you do not want to carry your phone

Sometimes carrying your phone is cumbersome.

Maybe your outfit does not have pockets or you are going to a place where your phone is bound to be a distraction, a wrist watch is the ideal gadget to carry with you.

Final thoughts

From the above foregoing, it is quite evident that cool watches are a must have for every young person. They inculcate a culture of time keeping and management. Get yours today!