How to choose the best Apple Watch bands 42mm for Small Wrists?

More and more in the modern day, Apple Watches are being used by everybody, on and off the job. Apple Watches perform a wide variety of functions and are very convenient devices that stay attached to you at all times. Regardless of what you do in life, the functions of an Apple Watch can help you a great deal, and once you've gotten an Apple Watch you may never be able to look back on life without one.

There are a wide variety of Apple Watch 42mm bands available to suit all different types of people in all different walks of life. These bands can be suited for formal or casual attire and situations, and some are even able to be used in extreme conditions, such as on outdoors trips or even when swimming. However, one problem not a lot of people talk about is how to find the best band for someone who has small wrists.

Finding a watch band if you have small wrists can be an incredible challenge. The average store brought band might fall right off your wrist, causing you to lose your Apple Watch. Since Apple Watches are both important and expensive, this would not be a great situation. Here are some tips for Apple Watch owners with small wrists who need to find the right Apple Watch bands 42mm for them.

Bands that stretch to fit your wrist

Apple Watch bands 42mm that are made to stretch to the size of your wrist can be a great choice for those with small wrists. There are many different types of bands made with stretchy materials that will form to your small wrist. They can be stainless steel or even wood, held together with an elastic band. Make sure that you know the size of your wrist, though, as a stretchy band will do you no good if it is too big for your wrist even at its most compressed state.

Adjustable straps with velcro

If you are having trouble finding a band that accommodates the size of your wrist, a band that uses velcro would be great for you as you can choose the size of the band when it is strapped. With adjustable velcro straps, you do not have to rely on the ready-made holes included in most bands. Be warned, though, the velcro often loses its power overtime, so if you choose to go this route you will need to always be sure your band is still in tip-top shape, otherwise you may be constantly looking down at your wrist hoping that your watch is still there.

Materials that don't slip and slide

While they are not appropriate for all formal situations, such as those you may find on the job, silicone and other rubber Apple Watch bands 42mm can help provide some more friction on your wrist that will prevent them from slipping and sliding off if your wrist is too small. If you are having a hard time finding a iwatch band that is the perfect fit, just get the smallest rubber band that you can find and it should do the trick, so long as it is appropriate for your style of dress and your current situation.