How to clean 6 different materials of Apple watch bands

Apple watches are very prestigious; You can easily recognize them from afar thanks to their sleek look. They have a great design with an elegant finish. All these complemented by an amazing apple watch band makes them even cooler. These stylish and luxury apple watch bands come in different colors and designs. They fit exactly on the Apple watch and can be used by a wide range of people.

There is no limit in terms of age when it comes to these amazing straps. What makes them versatile is the different type of material they come in. These include wood, leather, stainless steel, Silicone, woven nylon and ceramic among many others. What you should keep in mind is that they are designed to only fit apple watches and not any other watch type.

It is often ideal to have your apple watch bands cleaned frequently if at all you want them to last longer and maintain their adorable look that complements your Apple watch.

This is a simple do it yourself job. This guide will take you through the various methods on how to clean 6 different materials of Apple Watch bands.

How to Clean Apple Watch Band Materials

Cleaning an Apple Watch band is necessary for a variety of reasons, including protecting your wrist from skin irritation and extending the life of the watch band. Dirt and debris can cause rashes and potentially damage the band.

Watch bands also come in a variety of materials. However, learning how to clean Apple watch bands is relatively simple. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • - Remove the watch bands
  • - Soak a lint-free cloth
  • - Wipe the band clean
  • - Brush away stubborn debris
  • - Rinse and dry the watch band

You can also use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth for daily cleaning. At the end of the day, when you remove your watch, simply wipe the band once with a microfiber cloth to remove any oils and debris that have accumulated throughout the day.

Along with these tips, you should follow specific steps based on the type of material that your band is made from. The cleaning process is slightly different depending on whether your band is made from nylon, leather, silicone, stainless steel, wood, or resin. Here is a closer look at how to clean Apple Watch band materials. 

- Cleaning Nylon Apple Watch Bands

This requires warm water, a bit of soap, a small brush with very soft bristles and a piece of clean cloth. It is highly desired that you only use a soft bristled brush.

Hard bristles might tamper with the material or mess up the dye. The first thing to do before performing any cleaning is to make sure that you remove the nylon bands from your watch. This will prevent any damage to the watch while cleaning it. You will then have to soak the clean cloth in warm water and pass it over the band.

Once it is wet enough, apply some little soap on a brush and gently scrub the woven nylon. Clear the soap with the cloth and make sure you rinse it every single time. You can then leave your woven nylon to dry, and the end results will be amazing.

how to clean apple watch bands

- Cleaning Leather Apple Watch Bands

These are very easy to clean. One thing that you should keep in your mind before proceeding is that leather is not water resistant so don't go on using plenty of water on it. You are also not allowed to keep it in water; it will ruin your leather straps. 

Do not use bleach or an abrasive cleaner on leather bands. Bleach can discolor the leather, while abrasive cleaners may scratch the material.

All you need to do is use a damp cloth that is nonabrasive and very soft to clean the leather apple watch bands. After you are done place it in a cool place to dry it up. 

Under no circumstance should you place it under sunlight or in a moist place. You should then apply leather balm occasionally. This will help you maintain its flexibility and cool look always. Doing that a couple of times a month will keep your apple watch leather strap looking good.

- Cleaning Silicone Apple Watch Bands

Most people tend to go for Silicone apple watch bands because of the flexibility of the material. They give you room to do whatever you want without any fear of damaging them.

They are also the easiest to clean and maintain so long as you don't let them get in contact with serious stains.

First, you need Clorox in case it has stains, water, clean nonabrasive clean cloth. Proceed by dumping the cloth in clean water and run it through your silicon apple watch band.

Do this repeatedly until you are satisfied that there is no dirt left. You should only use Clorox if you have any stains on the band. Make sure to use it carefully to avoid any damage.

- Cleaning Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands

Stainless steel bands are another type that is usually preferred by older Apple products enthusiasts.

Cleaning these bands is quite easy. Get a clean nonabrasive cloth since you don't want scratches on your Apple watch bands. Use water and a lint-free cloth to wipe off any mild stains. This will be able to do away with any food, sweat or lotion deposits on your watch.

It is very important that you keep stainless steel watch bands away from chemicals and avoid rubbing it on hard surfaces or with abrasive materials while cleaning.

how to clean apple watch bands

- Cleaning Wood Apple Watch Bands

Wood apple watch bands come in different designs. Keeping it clean is easy and helpful to both you and the watch.

You should clean your wooden band every now and then and make sure that it continues to be attractive. You need clean water and damp cloth that is lint-free and nonabrasive.

Proceed with caution by dipping the cloth in water and wringing off as much water as you can. Wipe your wooden bands carefully and keenly capturing every spot and removing every dirt. This way you will end up with super clean wooden apple watch bands.

- Cleaning Resin Apple Watch Bands 

Resin Apple Watch Bands are very hard to scratch. They are known to be very durable, but they can break off when smashed on a hard surface. Cleaning them is typically fast and easy.

Wipe them with a damp lint-free nonabrasive cloth all through the watch band. Watch out for any spot that might harbor dirt and clean it thoroughly.

All the above can enable you to attain a completely clean apple watch wristband without going through the trouble of replacing them. Make sure that you maintain using lint-free nonabrasive cloth to avoid denting or scratching any part of your band.

How to Remove Your Band Before Cleaning

No matter what the material used for your band, you should remove the band from the watch before cleaning. Apple recommends placing the watch face down on a lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the screen.

Press the band release button and continue to hold it down as you slide the band to the right. It should slide out of the track. Repeat this process on the other side of the watch to release the other portion of the band.

After cleaning, wait for the bands to dry completely before sliding them back into the watch. The band pieces should click into place.

How Often Should You Clean Your Apple Watch Band?

Along with wiping the watch band each day, you may want to clean it with a damp microfiber cloth at least once every two weeks. However, if you wear your Apple Watch during workouts or physical activities, you may want to clean it more frequently.

Cleaning your band can help maintain its appearance and prevent the growth of any harmful bacteria or mildew. If you notice any growth or debris on the band, clean it thoroughly before wearing it again.

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