How to Pick the Best Apple Watch Bands as The Perfect Gift

Do you struggle to find the perfect gift to your loved ones, colleagues, or random people? Is it a constant challenge to know if the person would even like what you have decided to give them?

If the person you are planning to give a present is currently using or has this huge love for Apple Watches, then surprise them with a brand-new watch band for their birthday or any kind of special occasion to brighten up their day. You can never go wrong with this because there is no such thing as too many watch bands!

Apple has already featured new watches that they claim to be the watch that we have never seen before. Its advanced technology features enable people to do a lot of things from telephone calls, to messaging, to streaming music, to even accessing iTunes and downloading certain applications. This kind of watch already sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Most of us can all agree that the Apple Watch isn’t only meant for just that. Like any of the Apple products all over the world, their watches were also meant to last long, slay aesthetically, and fashion statement pieces.

Aside from the actual watch having different kinds and colors, you can personalize your own watch by removing the current watch band you are using and then replacing it with a totally different band. By doing this, you are able to mix and match your outfit to your watch and find out which compliments each other better.

Learn how to determine which Apple watch band is the perfect choice as a gift to your family, friends, or special someone by doing the simple steps below:

  1.  - Look for the different kinds of apple watch bands and their characteristics
  2.  - Think about the person you are planning on giving a gift to
  3.  - Determine which apple watch band they will most likely use
  4.  - Pick out a color (use their fave one!)

Apple’s Different Watch Bands to Choose From:


This iconic band contains custom high-performance fluoroelastomer that has a pin-and-tuck closure. This is very comfortable to use at any place at any time because of its lightweight and soft texture. Whether you’re just chilling’ out in your homes, at a friend’s house, or out in public, this is a safe bet and a good choice for anyone.

There are 12 different colors available that can suit most of your outfits in your wardrobe. This is really easy for the eyes and a go-to band whenever you are in a hurry, or you just don’t know which watch band would go with the look you are going for.

It is perfect for everyday usage and for simple people who doesn’t really like to stand out much. Simplicity, indeed, is beauty!


This sport loop watch band is made out of soft, breathable nylon that is weaved. It has this hook-and-loop fastener that is easily adjustable and manageable. Because this watch band is incredibly cleverly designed that Apple used larger loops for cushioning on the side of the skin that the user will be able to relax and breathe without having to mind the placement of the watch is on their skin.

This is very stylish and does resemble NATO straps but without it covering the Apple Watch’s sensors facing the skin side.

Available in 8 different mix and match colors, including the “Pride Edition Sport Loop” that just shows all of the incredibly beautiful rainbow color of the Pride flag as the band itself. Other of its designs contains two shades of a color within the single band watch that makes it look pretty and chic.


Containing lightweight fluoroelastomer as well as compression-molded perforations for breathability, this band is perfect for those who frequently go to the gym or spends a lot of time doing sports. This band has outstanding good quality because of its density, softness, and durability.

If the user is someone who sweats a lot or just enjoys being physically active all the time, then this will perfectly do. You wouldn’t have to worry about yourself sweating and feeling icky afterwards because this band will help your skin to breathe during strenuous activities. No foul-odor will be left behind as well.

Available in only 5 colors but Apple likes to change according to season. So, better look for the color that you want as soon as possible and get it now before it’s too late.

Best Apple Watch Bands as The Perfect Gift


This Apple watch bands are quick-fastening and contain flexible nylon weave with reflective thread. It feels good to the touch and is quite easy on the eyes. Although not as impressive looking compared to the previous Nike, it still contains good quality materials and is built to last.

Only available in 5 different colors that are exclusive to Nike. This includes Pink Blast/True Berry, Desert Sand/Volt, Royal Pulse/Lava Glow, Summit White, and Black.

This is a must for any of those who absolutely adores Nike products and wouldn’t mind something a little simple. Nevertheless, an awesome watch band that can certainly rock any outfit wherever you may be.


These babies have on them very distinctive leather designs that have wonderful magnetic or stainless steel closures. It is undeniable that these bands are beautiful and elegant to boot!

Apple has two different designs for this one: The Modern Buckle and the Leather Loop. The former is a smooth leather that has that distinct large rectangular buckle that should be placed directly on the other side of the Apple Watch when worn and is incredibly gorgeous. While the latter has this ribbed, textured kind of leather that has that Sport-band style on it with its fastener hidden not to make it noticeable as opposed to the first one’s big buckle.

 Available in 6 different colors, they run from bold oranges to gentle lilacs. Even with this few range of color, it is truly tasteful and a beautiful sight when worn.

This is perfect to use casually and on special events. Someone who frequently goes out and would love a modern style watch will look stunning with these on her wrists.

Best Apple Watch Bands as The Perfect Gift


Wonderfully made and crafted from stainless steel alloy that contains custom magnetic or butterfly closures, this really does look classy and fine. Be that as it may, these bands are surprisingly comfortable and breathable.

Like the Leather type, this stainless steel band also has two different designs namely: the Milanese Loop and the Link Bracelet. The former has this cool steel band that just screams elegance and simplicity. Although, as typical stainless steels, they snag some of your arm hairs when worn that makes it a little annoying, but not that much. The latter is nothing at all like the previous ones. This is because you are able to customize the size of your watch band to perfectly fit your wrist using the links that can be arguably be difficult for others to do on the first try. Having that sophisticated look, it is on par with all the other high-end leading analog watches in the world.

Available in 5 colors plus 2 bracelet kits, the Milanese has three: Silver, Gold, and Space Black; while Link has two: the traditional silver and black.

Can also be used casually or on special events, these bands are going to let you look like the slickest person in the room.

How to Know Which of These Watch Bands Is the Perfect Gift?

Since each of the bands above has its own characteristics, you should be able to think of the qualities and personality of the one you’re gifting it to as well. That person can be someone simple and would rock the Sports Band and Leather Loop Band quite well. Maybe that person goes to the gym all the time or does sports as a hobby; then, the Nike Sport Band is the perfect match. Whatever it is that they do, the important thing is that you have thought about them enough that you would want to give something that they could use each and every time.

Another tip in picking out the best Apple Watch Band gift is to find out their favourite color. One can never go wrong in anything that they choose once you are able to give them something that has the color that makes them all happy inside.

Is Buying Apple Watch Bands Worth the Money?

This certainly depends on the perspective of each person. If you have enough cash and you want to make your loved one or friend happy, then buying one or two is absolutely worth it. This isn’t just about the style of each of these bands that make them expensive, but rather the quality of all of these and how it was really meant to last long and be durable.

Does Third-Party Apple Watch Bands Brand Have the Same Quality?

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Getting to know the perfect Apple Watch band to give as a gift will stem from your knowledge of what that person’s personality is and what kind of style they usually go for. Pick out which watch band will look perfect on you or someone else. If you are still struggling with getting to know the person that you’re going to give a present to, then there’s no harm in asking for someone else’s advice like a close friend or relative. You have to make sure that you keep the element of surprise (if that’s the kind of gift-giving idea you’re going for) so that that person will truly be in awe the moment they see your gift!