How to prevent uncomfortable rashes caused by your Apple Watch bands

Apple Watches are a versatile tool, and the wide range of apple watch bands available helps make it so you can use them in a wide variety of situations. However, the different bands available can also prove to be a problem for those who may experience allergic reactions from different materials. You may see a band at the store that will suit your needs and not think twice before bringing it home and trying it on only to find out that it is made from a material that causes you to have a bothersome and irritating rash, such as nickel.

In this article, we will look at the common materials used in Apple Watch bands that cause rashes, alternatives you can use, and also what to do when you have a rash and want it to go away.

What Apple Watch bands commonly cause rashes?

One of the most common allergens for people are nickel and other heavy metals. When put into close contact with the skin, metals can often wreak havoc and cause the skin to break out in an uncomfortable rash. This is the last thing you want from your Apple Watch bands. Nickel is generally found in some capacity in a lot of metal products, including stainless steel products. Stainless steel Apple Watch bands are a great and fashionable accessory, but sometimes they can cause rashes that just make them not worth the trouble.

How to prevent uncomfortable rashes caused by your Apple Watch bands

What others bands can I try?

If metal Apple Watch bands make you break out in an uncomfortable and itchy rash, the best thing you can do is find a different band. Bands made from nylon, silicone, and leather are far less likely to cause your skin to break out and become inflamed, as those materials are far less common allergens than metals such as nickel.

Substituting your metal band for a nylon, silicone, or leather band permanently will likely prevent you from ever getting a rash again, unless you have a far less common allergy. As well, simply saving your metal stainless steel band for special occasions and using another band most of the time besides will likely keep the rash at bay if you are not willing to totally forsake your stylish stainless steel band.

How can I soothe my rash?

Keeping some lotion with aloe vera on hand when your skin starts to break out in an itchy rash can help alleviate a lot of the pain and discomfort that is caused.


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