Learn how to solve the stench of your Apple Watch bands

Apple Watches are a great and useful tool for everyone due to their wide range of features and uses, and the wide variety of bands available can help to make Apple Watches incredibly versatile. With the right band, Apple Watches are able to be used in a wide range of situations. However, those who take pride in their Apple Watch and have a favorite or preferred band that they like to use more often than others may have encountered the familiar problem where the band starts to become a little smelly from long periods of overuse with no maintenance. In this article, we will look at some easy way you can remove and prevent stench building up on your favorite Apple Watch straps.

Wipe the band with a dry or lightly dampened towel if it isn't waterproof

If your Apple Watch band is leather, wood, or nylon, then you will not be able to soak it in water directly. What you will be able to do instead is lightly wipe it with either a dry or a lightly dampened towel. Doing this routinely will help ensure that foul smells don't build up on your band, so if you like these types of bands then be sure to constantly maintain your Apple Watch bands so that the smells don't build up. Remember, the smell isn't able to be gotten rid of as easily if the band is waterproof. If your band is leather, it is especially important that you don't use too damp of a towel, as even a little bit of water can destroy a great leather band.

Soak the band water and soap if it is waterproof

Leaving your Apple Watch bands to soak overnight in a cup of water with a little bit of dish soap if your Apple Watch bands are waterproof is a guaranteed cleaning method. This method will take care of any and all smells by morning, regardless of how intense and overbearing it may seem. Waterproof bands, such as silicone, are especially easy to clean because they can take the soap and the water, but even though they are waterproof, silicone bands shouldn't be put into contact with too intense of cleansers for too long. Make sure you just use a little bit of soap in the water. A little bit of soap will get the job done.

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Sport Silicone Apple Watch Band

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