The Authoritative Guide: How do runners choose the most suitable Apple Watch bands

Why runners use Apple Watches

Apple Watches provide a great resource for runners and joggers, as they can track your heartbeat, keep track of your steps, and keep track of time and duration of your activity. For this reason, Apple Watches have become an almost universal tool for runners and joggers. There are several Apple Watch bands well suited for runners and joggers. Runners and joggers need to put special thought into what kind of Apple Watch band they use, as their band needs to be both durable and comfortable.

What you'll need in a band

Apple watch bands for runners need to provide proper resistance and strength during long and sometimes intense periods of activity. They also need to be able to hold up well to sweat and the elements. Runners and joggers generally do not let rain or snow stop them from running and jogging, so they will need a band that holds up during all sorts of weather conditions.

Comfort is important

It is also very important that your apple watch band is comfortable if you are a runner or jogger, as the discomfort caused by the wrong kind of band can be quite a nuisance on a long run or a jog. You will want to feel like you are wearing nothing, yet still have your Apple Watch at your disposal to provide all the functions that you count on it for. For these reasons, a lot of runners and joggers tend to prefer bands made from durable and light materials such as silicone and nylon.

Apple Watch Silicone Bands

For the most intense runners and joggers who can be seen out running or jogging even in a blizzard, silicone might be the way to go. Silicone is incredibly resilient and light. Silicone can get wet and you will never be able to tell the difference, as it is waterproof. You will have a hard time breaking a silicone band, and you will always be able to count on it keeping your Apple Watch hooked to you at all times, even if you can't feel it.

Apple watch bands for runners

Apple Watch Nylon Bands

Nylon is also a great option for Apple Watch bands for runners and joggers. Nylon is not as heavy-duty as silicone, but it is close, and it is slightly more comfortable than silicone. Silicone can hold up under extreme amounts of duress, but its rubbery hardness might put off those who prefer comfort over durability and longevity. For those who needs a strong band that holds up to most conditions yet keeps your wrist airy and feels like you're wearing nothing at all, nylon Apple Watch bands would be the way to go.

Picking the right apple watch bands for you

Regardless of whether you choose a nylon or a silicone Apple Watch band, you will be getting a band that is both comfortable and durable. These bands will be able to hold up to most conditions they will be put through when you are out running or jogging, and they are comfortable enough that you will not be impeded by constantly itching and picking at the skin beneath your band. For Apple Watch owning runners and joggers of all types, a nylon or silicone band is recommended.