The Definitive Guide: How to pick the best Apple Watch bands for outdoors

Bringing your Apple Watch outdoors

The Apple Watch is an incredible tool for the outdoorsman or woman. Not only does the Apple Watch function as a communication device, but it can provide a lot of extra tools and abilities that can be utilized outdoors. These things range from GPS location to providing elevation readings. These can be incredibly important and useful bits of information when finding yourselves in a strange place in the wilderness. However, many people who like to use their Apple Watch outdoors have found some difficulty in finding Apple Watch bands that are appropriate for the environment. If you've ever been curious as to how to pick the best Apple Watch bands for outdoors use, read this article to find out some helpful tidbits.

What type of band to use outdoors

Obviously, being outdoors in the wilderness is about as far from formal as you can get, so you are going to want to put your nice dress Apple Watch bands for formal occasions to the side for the time being. These include the nice stainless steel and gold-linked bands that you would wear out to dinner or to a formal get-together. Style doesn't matter when you are in the outdoors, it's all about functionality and durability. It is also about comfort, as some of the trying and intense situations an outdoorsman or woman can find themselves in don't need to be further exacerbated by the discomfort and agitation caused by uncomfortable Apple Watch bands.

Silicone apple watch bands

First pick for outdoors Apple Watch bands would have to be silicone bands. Silicone bands are rugged, durable, and waterproof. They will not weather very easily and they will provide maximum stability and security for your Apple Watch. If you need to go in the water, your band can go with you and there will be no trouble. If you are running through bushes, or if you fall and scuff your arm, your band will stay on and stay strong. There can be no better choice than silicone for outdoors Apple Watch bands.

Apple Watch bands for outdoors

Nylon apple watch bands

Another great options is the nylon apple watch band. Nylon bands are very durable, but not nearly as durable as silicone when it comes to outdoors use. Nylon still provides a lot of functionality for outdoors use while also being slightly more comfortable than the silicone alternative. Nylon is light and breathes easier than silicone, so for sensitive wrists in the outdoors, you might prefer nylon to silicone.

Leather apple watch bands

Lastly, if style really does matter to you in the wild, you might decide to keep your standard leather apple watch band on. Leather bands can hold up well in the outdoors, as genuine leather is pretty tough. However, you won't be able to take it in the water with you, and you'll have to work pretty hard to keep it from getting wet. That is, so long as you care about water-staining. Still, you will get pretty far with standard leather Apple Watch bands when it comes to outdoors use. Just don't be surprised if it looks funny after a swim.