The Definitive Guide: How to pick the best Apple Watch bands for swimming

Apple Watches in the water

To a lot of Apple Watch users, the device is so useful and becomes such a part of you that you want to keep it on your body at all times. The Apple Watch provides so many functions and is so useful in a variety of situations that it becomes almost an extension of your being, and for that reason it is incredibly important that your Apple Watch can go wherever you go. Sometimes, this can include going in the water. While the Apple Watch being waterproof has never been explicitly stated by Apple, it has become apparent to many Apple Watch users overtime that their Apple Watch is actually capable of being worn while swimming and when performing a variety of other water-related activities. However, you will need waterproof Apple Watch bands to fully take advantage of the Apple Watch's water-resistant abilities.


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Silicone watch bands are best for swimming

The absolute best choices for Apple Watch bands that can be worn when swimming are any kind of silicone band. Silicone is the most waterproof material available that is being made into Apple Watch bands. Silicone Apple Watch bands are easy to find, generally inexpensive, and capable of holding up under an extreme amount of pressure and duress, especially and including during swimming. If you wish to wear your Apple Watch in the water, it would be a no-brainer to go out and pick up some silicone Apple Watch bands in a variety of styles that you can wear while you're swimming.

Silicone watch bands will not be damaged in the water

Most bands available for the Apple Watch are not waterproof. Some are water-resistant, such as nylon Apple Watch bands, but even nylon bands are likely to start to fray and come apart after long exposure to being in the water, especially once they're fully submerged. With silicone bands, you are guaranteed that they are completely waterproof and will keep your Apple Watch functioning properly while doing all sorts of water-related activities, including long-distance swimming. Your Apple Watch may prove incredibly useful when swimming far distances, as it can keep track of location so you don't get lost out in the ocean or in the middle of a lake, as well as keep track of your vital signs such as your heartbeat if your intention is to exercise.

Your other watch bands can wait at home

Many popular bands, such as stainless steel watch bands and leather watch bands, will be wrecked if they get wet. These bands are great for other purposes, and they are definitely worthwhile to have in your collection of Apple Watch bands, but they will be absolutely useless to you when they get wet, unless you don't care at all about how they look. Sure, you can get your metal band wet if you want it to rust, and your leather band wet if you want it to get water-stained. With a silicone band, you will have no worries when going out in the water, and your other Apple Watch bands will be at home waiting for you, nice and dry and safe from the elements.