Top 10 reasons why men like to collect unique watches

We know that men like to collect unique watches. But have you ever asked yourself why? Maybe yes or maybe no.

By the time you finish reading this article not only will you know the secret or obsession with it but may turn you into a collector.

Let’s do this!

#1. A timeless piece

#2. Uniqueness

#3. Admiration and Pride

#4. Sentimental Value

#5. Good value for money

#6. Sense of achievement

#7. Obsession

#8. Fashion Statement

#9. High Craftsmanship

#10. Collector’s Pride


1. A timeless piece

Let’s face it. A unique watch looks more authentic than a mass-produced piece. In fact, many people are prepared to pay more for a one-of-its-kind watch simply because there are fewer chances of meeting someone wearing a similar piece.

Other than its good looks, it also has a timeless appeal. Nevertheless, you still need to be cautious to avoid being duped or buying a fake piece thinking it’s genuine.

2. Uniqueness

Did you know that many men will simply buy a watch because it’s very unique? Yes, it may not be a big brand or very expensive.

But the fact that it’s only him who owns such a piece will drive a man to purchase a watch. It may be only one of its kind because only a few pieces were made or it’s an antique or classic piece.

3. Admiration and Pride

Men have always loved watches. In fact, many are quite obsessed.

They will feel funny not wearing one or will always glance at the wrist even when not wearing a watch.

A majority love the attention they get from fellow men and compliments from other people about a watch. In fact, it can be a nice conversation starter in many situations.

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4. Sentimental Value

Watches that are unique arent just loved for their rarity or exclusivity, but are also adored by many people for the sentimental value.

Yes, the watch may not cost an “arm and leg,” But the sentimental value will be great.

Many a collector will pay a high price for a rare watch even though it may not be very high quality. Actually, many will forgo a more expensive modern piece in favor of the unique piece.

5. Good value for money

You will come across different types of watches. Some are pretty affordable and costs a few hundred dollars while some are quite expensive will set you back thousands of dollars.

However, like other things, the value or price of the item declines over time due to aging, wear and tear. But this isn’t the case with a rare watch. Actually, the price may increase due to its rare nature.

6. Sense of achievement

Men collect unique watches in order to satisfy their sense of achievement. Just like kids who love collecting toys, stamps, cards and other things, men feel a sense of satisfaction if they own a unique piece.

Many will take extra care of it so as not to mess it and some will wear it only on rare occasion. 

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7. Obsession

Truth be told. Many men are obsessed with wrist watches. They can never leave the home without one, claim to feel odd if not wearing their favorite piece, and some will even take insurance for the timepiece.

This fascination becomes stronger if the watch is unique. Firstly, very few people own it. Secondly, it has a high sentimental value. Thirdly, it makes them stand out. I mean, common is boring, right?

8. Fashion Statement

Men have always used watches as a fashion statement. They will try to match their dressing with the watch.

Will wear shirts that allow other people to see the watch, and some will do anything for you to notice the watch. A leading brand or expensive watch will get lots of attention but not compared to a one-of-its-kind watch.

A man with a unique piece will stand out and be more admired than one wearing a more expensive but common watch.

9. High Craftsmanship

If you are keen on wrist watches, you may already know that unique pieces are usually higher quality than the mass-produced pieces.

This is even more noticeable today with so many cheap and fake watches finding their way into the market.

One reason that may make a watch unique is that it was crafted by a master watchmaker.

It had to go through many checks, features top grade materials, and is also very precise.

It takes much longer to produce a handmade watch compared to a machine-made piece.

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10. Collector’s Pride

Collecting watches is a hobby for many men and the less-common the piece the more appreciated or valued it is.

Majority of men owing several pieces do so because of the satisfaction and sense of achievement it gives them.

Many will spend lots of time and money researching and searching for unique and rare pieces.


There go the reasons why men like to collect unique watches. There are those who want to stand out or to increase their collection, others are drawn to the sentimental value, while some like the high-quality craftsmanship.

You may also do it because of the great value for money, sense of achievement, as a fashion statement and much more.

Whichever the reason, collecting unique watches make you proud and also allow you to feel good adorning the timeless piece.