Top 11 Popular Trends in Women's Leather Handbags For Spring and Summer 2019

The fashion season is overflowing with fun and exciting women's leather handbags collection. Spring and summer 2019 brings into the limelight unique and bright colors plus fresh new designs to celebrate the season.

Fashion-crazy women would definitely love to get their hands on these top picks.

"Nothing beats the classics" as the proverbial fashion saying goes.

However, it helps to get little bit more adventurous and daring when it comes to colors and styles.

This brought into the fashion scene some of the most innovative and creative concepts for women's handbags.

1. Colors that are alive!

Spring and summer seasons are all about colors and hues that are full of life.

The famous Kate Spade and Balenciaga brands had been known for their vibrant colors and lively designs which are perfect for the summer season.

With adventurous and creative designs that celebrate the colors of the great outdoors, these brands are perfect picks for spring and summer.

Wouldn't it be great to carry around a green leather tote to prepare for spring?

Or, a yellow handbag for Sunday brunch with friends during the summer?

Women Genuine Leather Square Patch Big Tote Bag

Women Genuine Leather Square Patch Big Tote Bag

2. Flattering small purses - small is definitely in!

Ditch the huge totes and carry something small with your hands.

The recently concluded Paris Fashion Week had featured quite a lot of trendy designs that would perfectly fit into the season of blooms.

Apparently, recent trends feature colors that are more alive and eye-catching.

Small purses in bright shades that give a pop of color to a rather dull outfit are definitely in.

Small and sleek women's leather handbags in blue, hot pink, and orange are absolute eye-catchers.

Colorful small purses are also ideal for night outs and shindigs during the summer.

3. Play around with Flirty Fringe Details

It doesn't hurt to get a bit fun, flirty and funky.

After all, this is a lively and happy season. Fringe details on women's bags will never go out of style during the spring and summer seasons.

Aside from being catchy, fringe details add an interesting and modern detail to plain Jane's bag.

They add an exciting twist because they are playful details that can be extremely stylish when worn with a nice sleek outfit.

4. Catchy Neon Green

Famous designers like Calvin Klein, Armani and Prada went all the way with this bold and striking color on the Spring 2019 runway.

Studded neon green leather handbags sparked and ignited the event. There is something about the green color this year that makes every fashion savvy want to wear it.

After all, green is such a happy pill! Could it also be the 80's vibe which is slowly making a comeback?

What a vengeful return! For whatever reason it is, green is definitely in this spring and summer.

5. Leather Camera Bag

How can we possibly ignore the famous leather camera bag by Marc Jacobs?

Every woman who is a fan of leather bags would definitely go gaga and crazy in love over this fashion trend.

This sleek, small, and modern bag is making waves in the fashion industry. A great fashion fix for every meticulous OOTD posts.

With bright and funky colors, it is truly hard to miss - an absolute eye catcher! It is also the perfect size for a stroll around the city during the hot summer days.

Well, it's just enough to comfortably fit a cellphone, pressed powder, and a lip balm. Talk about being a fashion minimalist!

Leather Camera Bag

6. The Fashion-Deadly Chain Handles

Every bag lover knows the iconic chain straps and chain handles.

Chanel is famous and big for it. Over the years, other brands have incorporated it in their bag designs.

Apparently, chain handles are classy, elegant, and never goes out of style - especially for the elite taste buds.

Whatever the season and occasion, they are welcomed and adored by bag lovers.

Elegant evenings this summer still calls for that iconic and expensive look.

So don't hesitate to use your handbags with those deadly chain handles for a romantic date or posh even this summer.

7. Glaring Metallic Details

Women's leather handbags had gone a long way from being plain and boring to monogrammed all the way to being glammed up with different exciting details.

This spring/summer, add a little shimmer to your outfit by wearing a bag with metallic details.

Make heads turn and transform into a diva! This can brighten up a rather simple and granny-inspired outfit.

Moreover, metallic details had definitely entered the fashion scene once again.

So you are still totally in the mainstream. The silver saddle bag by Chloe is making waves as well as the Circle bag recently launched by reTH.

8. Clamshell Clasps

Luxury designers such as Simone Rocha and Victoria Beckham has brought into the limelight the simple clamshell clasps handbags.

Featuring sleek and feminine designs, these vintage bag closures complete the look of small women's leather handbags.

Clamshell clasp actually offers an exciting twist to a rather plain bag and is actually a good alternative to zipped closures and flaps.

Kinda makes you look like a good girl from an old film! Other brands that feature this type of bag closure are Topshop and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

With a hint of vintage look, you can definitely be more fashionable and stylish this season. Old is definitely back with vengeance!

Classic Women Crocodile Style Genuine Leather Tote Bag

Classic Women Crocodile Style Genuine Leather Tote Bag

9. Mini Duffles

Mini Duffle Bags had definitely penetrated the rich fashion industry. Runway shows such as Coach 1941 and Versace featured models who toted the runway with these small weekenders.

These small women's leather handbags are not just modern, they are also functional and versatile. Despite being small, they are roomy enough to fit in your basic essentials.

Talk about putting in your entire glam team! They can also go from casual to formal in a flash. Mini duffles come in a variety of cute designs such as fringed, studded, monogrammed, strapped, and multi-colored.

10. Delicious Two-Toned Bags

Ditch your old bags and go for two-tones. Make heads turn with colors that rock.

For this spring/summer, start exploring the numerous options that await you in terms of fashion.

Stop being that old "plain Jane". This is the perfect time to go bolder and to carry around pretty colors that can turn heads 360 degrees from where you are.

Don't be afraid to try out two-toned women's leather handbags. You can choose wild color combinations that are out of your comfort zone.

That is what this season is all about. Perfect combos are green and yellow, hot pink and black, orange and black, and the list goes on endlessly.

The choice is yours on how to add that pop of color to your daily outfit.

11. Woven Leather Bags

Oh yes! Woven bags are back in the scene and are here to stay!

Woven leather bags carry that expensive and premium aura. Talk about being a Beckham today and JLo tomorrow!

This basic design never fails to make an impression. Besides being classy-casual and laid back in terms of appearance, woven leather bags are the perfect bag addiction for the spring and summer season.

After all, anything woven exudes that relaxed, chic, and fresh look. Why not carry around a woven leather bag to exude that effortless diva aura without necessarily looking over-dressed for the season?


These are the top 11 picks for women's leather handbags for the 2019 spring and summer season.

It is all about being more fun and experimental when it comes to colors and designs without necessarily giving up that classic feel.

Celebrate the season with delicious and vibrant colors, exciting details and trendy designs for handbags.

Now is the perfect time to get bolder and more daring (think about being a Kardashian!) when it comes to fashion accessories like handbags.

Say goodbye to earth colors and greet those bright shades and neons with a hot French kiss.