2020 Ultimate Guide: What Type of Apple Watch Series 6 Bands Should You Buy?

The Apple Watch is revolutionary. Buying the right band(s) is a crucial step in setting up your Apple Watch. A variety of factors including: functionality, material-type, style, comfort, and price all come into play when searching for the perfect apple watch series 6 bands for you! 

Today, we will be taking a look at the variety of band styles that are out there and a summarized list of features of each band type. From there, you can have a solid idea of which bands fit your personal needs and start your apple watch bands collection!

Apple Watch Sport Bands

Although the name can be rather misleading, the "Sport Band" is the standard band that comes with Apple Watches, unless you upgrade your band. It is constructed of a smooth material called Fluoroelastomer, which is a very durable material. It almost appears like silicone, but has a softer feel. There is a Nike branded sport band as well that features a holed-design for ventilation purposes.

What is this watch band best suited for?:

Everyday use: Simple and clean design, yet durable.

Budget Friendly: The cheaper option of the bands and you most likely will receive this band with your Apple Watch purchase.

Versatile: Comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal needs.

apple watch series 6 bands

Apple Watch Sport Loop Bands

Apple also offers the "Sport Loop Band" which is made of a weaved nylon material. Compared to the traditional buckle, this band also features a hook-and-loop type fastener for added convenience! The nylon material would certainly help at wicking away moisture and has a unique texture.

This band can be best used for:

Everyday use and Athletic Activities: A more rugged, sporty design. Durable and moisture-wicking.

Budget Friendly: Another cheaper price point. with after-market bands being even more cost-effective!

Versatile: Comes in a variety of colors and designs, with even more customization for after market brands.

Apple Watch Metal Bands

Metal Apple Watch Bands mostly come constructed out of stainless steel. However, you can get after-market bands plated in metals such as gold and silver. A apple watch metal band gives you the feel of a traditional watch and adds a bit of shine to your wrist.

This aple watch band is best suited for:

Everyday and Professional Use; Also Special Occasions: The timeless metal designs can be sported anywhere, and are more suitable for higher-end outings and special events.

Higher Price Point: Quality metals from Apple itself can run you as high as $349+, as well as after-market brands. However, after-market brands can sell at considerably lower prices for a quality metal-look.

Versatile: Comes in a varity of metal types and finishes, if willing to pay the higher price-point. Different styles such as the "Milan" magnet clasp style, or traditional chain-link watch style is available.

Apple Watch Leather Bands

Leather Apple Watch Bands are elegant and versatile, but also come at that higher price point. Through Apple you will get quality leather available in a variety of leather types and patterns. You to get what you pay for, so there are certainly faux leather options at a much cheaper price point to get you that luxurious look. Durability will just not be as high!

A leather band is best suited for:

Everyday and Professional Use; Also Special Occasions: An elegant and earthy feel that looks great with anything.

You Get What You Pay For: You can choose a higher-end leather or a more affordable faux leather. It depends on your personal needs and budget, but both look great!

Versatile: Comes in a variety of colors and patterns; there is a color and pattern for everything!

Other Apple Watch Series 6 Bands:

I left the "Other" Apple Watch Bands section for last because it is such a wide variety. As mentioned earlier, I am talking about after-market bands. Nothing is wrong at all with after-market bands. They are often more affordable and offer more designs and customizations. For instance, you can find a silicone-based band with a quick search on the internet, and silicone bands are NOT offered by Apple. Be sure to do your research and check for positive reviews and that the band is made to fit your needs. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your Apple Watch Bands collection and the options above just don't cut it, taking a look at the customizable options in the after-market may be the right choice for you!

Overall, there is a band for nearly every person and every need out there. Do your homework, know what you want and pick the best apple watch series 6 bands for your needs!