Which apple watch bands are best for bars wear

Apple has been one of the leading brands in the smartphone industry for as long as we can remember. However, Apple is known for being the best in whichever market they step foot in. That said, ever since the launch of the first Apple Smart watch, customers have fallen in love with the series. Keeping that in mind, today we will be looking at some of the apple watch bands out there.

Everyone has different needs for their watches, some might wear them during travelling. While other might keep it exclusive to wear during their outings in the bars. So, without fasting any further time let’s begin:

Best Apple Watch Bands

Apple Nike Sports Band

1. Apple Nike Sports Band

If you are looking for simple yet stylish apple watch band then this is for you. The Apple Nike Sports Band will feel great on your wrist and won’t suffocate your wrist. On top of that, this product comes in the spectrum of apple watch luxury bands. However, there are not many color options available to choose from.

The main highlight of this product is unarguably the holes in the band which enables you to wear your Apple watch for longer time. You can wear this product anywhere from gyms to offices, it is suitable for every need one can think of. There is a section of crowd that believes this fancy apple watch band is perfect to wear in pubs or bars.



  • - Stylish Look
  • - Breathable Design



  • - Quite Expensive
  • - Not many color options
apple watch sport band

2. Apple Sport Band

Not a fan of having holes in your apple watch band like the previous product? Then why not go for a more subtle option with the Apple Sport Bands. The band is made with excellent quality material to make sure your hard-earned money is not going to waste. Along with that, there are a number of color options to choose from for you. In this series, you can even find cute apple watch bands.

Moreover, the sporty look makes it perfect to wear during workout sessions in the gym. Additionally, the classy finish on the band makes it good to wear in bars too.



  • - A ton of Color Options
  • - Strong material



  • - Not breathable
Modern Buckle Genuine Leather Watch Bands For Apple Watch

3. Apple Leather Loop/ Modern Buckle

Looking for luxurious apple watch bands? Then these leather loop bands by Apple is an incredible choice for you. Leather bands are always beautiful and look stunning on hands of customers. Moreover, these apple watch bands won’t cost you as much as the other products by the company. As they have a modern and stunning design, you can hit the bar in your nearby clubs while wearing this classy band.

Now shifting the focus towards the Modern Buckle bands which is another variant of the leather loop bands. Although these bands look quite beautiful but there are not many color options for the customers. This fact might be discouraging for some customers. Lastly, both variants are quite durable as they are made of leather material.



  • - Stunning Band Design
  • - Durable and long lasting
  • - Affordable



  • - Not many color options available
Apple Milanese Loop Band

4. Apple Milanese Loop Band

Moving forward with the next product in the list. It’s the Milanese loop by Apple. If you like stainless steel bands more than the leather bands then the Milanese Loop bands are perfect for you. Additionally, you can easily get them at the similar cost of the Apple leather bands. The simplicity in the design of this product makes it cool and more appealing among the crowd.

There are two color options namely; traditional silver and black. The Milanese loop is arguably one of the best Apple Watch 5 bands available for you.



  • - Elegant look
  • - Comfortable and durable



  • - Very few color variants
Apple Watch Link Bracelet Bands

5. Apple Link Bracelet Band

So far, we have discussed affordable apple watch bands with a few exceptions. But this band by Apple is definitely for people who are willing to spend a lot of money for great quality bands. These high-end bands are made with stainless steel which will last for a lot longer than any other stainless-steel bands in the market. Also, if you are a person who loves to party and hit the bar regularly, it’s an excellent choice for you.

These products come equipped with watch tools to easily remove and attach links according to your needs. The Apple Link Bracelet Band comes in two color options; Silver and Black. All things considered this product is perfect for big occasions such as office parties or a high-class meeting.



  • - Customizable Links
  • - Durable quality steel



  • - Costs more than the Apple Watch itself


These were some of the best apple watch bands available in the market. In this list you can find various types of bands from apple watch bands for women to luxurious apple watch bands. Make sure you choose wisely according to your needs. And, most importantly never go out of budget to impress a few people.