Picking a suitable iwatch band will undoubtedly add a unique look to your apple watch. Supwatch offers you hundreds of watch bands, from nylon bands and silicone bands, to stainless steel bands and leather bands. At the same time, better quality and lower prices are also promised by supwatch. What are you waiting for? Come and pick the one that best suits your apple watch band!

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Our Apple Watch Bands 42MM are 100% compatible

42mm band is 100% compatible with Apple Watch 5 44mm and Apple Watch 4 44mm. These apple watch bands also apply to all previous versions of apple watch, including: series 3 42mm, series 2 42mm, series 1 42mm. So if you want to choose a fashionable third-party band for your apple watch, just choose the right size!

42MM Bands Sizing

The 42mm band size fits most wrists, and suitable for the wrist size of most women and men.  At the same time, for apple watch stainless steel bands, we also give away the removal/install tool for free, which is convenient for you to adjust the length of the band. Therefore, no matter whether your wrist is big or small, don't worry!


From stainless steel apple watch bands and nylon apple watch bands to leather apple watch bands and silicon apple watch bands, you will find the top band that best suits your apple watch. Our wide array of watch bands 42mm fit every niche of your lifestyle, adding style and giving you the edge you want.

Comfortable and Durable

All of our watch bands are stylishly designed with high-quality materials and crafted from top-of-the-line technology to ensure that each strap is exquisite and sturdy. Wearing it on your wrist will bring you unprecedented comfort.

Redefine Your Apple Watch

Picking a premium apple watch strap at Supwatch can add a new look to your apple watch, so it's so different that you can stand out among the crowd. Whether you're exploring the cute cartoon-printed watch strap and the luxury Python-Embossed watch strap, or looking for a classic business-style watch band band a leather band with a vibrant color look, you can easily find it here. Now discover the perfect sized 42mm bands for your personal style.

Supwatch sells third-party watch bands & accessories compatible with your own Apple Watch. We do not manufacture, sell, or include products made or authorized by Apple. Apple is a trademark of Apple, Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.